Estonian elections 2014 -2019: Solution for the world's leader in online voting

The Estonian i-voting solution is the longest-standing, most technologically advanced, and highly trusted internet voting solution in existence. It has been used to support binding, governmental elections since 2005.

The online voting system was developed to facilitate a seamless, free, secret and transparent vote. Having accomplished all these premises, it has also proven to be cost-efficient, inclusive and convenient.

Promoting democratic participation. Online voting is a perfect solution for voters demanding more convenient forms of democratic participation. Evidence links the use of online voting to turnout increase: 5.0 % in national elections and 1.5 % in local elections.

The growing popularity of online voting. Since the introduction of i-voting in Estonia, overall turnout has risen continuously. The Parliamentary Elections held in 2019, saw an increase of 71% of online participation with respect to the same elections in 2015.

Online voting is popular across all ages (See table 1)


Convenient, yet cost-efficient. Online voting in Estonia is the most cost-efficient method to cast a ballot.

Voting channelCost per ballot
Early Voting in country centres€ 5,07
Advance Voting in country centres€ 6,24
Election Day in country centres€ 4,61
Advance Voting in polling stations€ 20,41
Election Day Voting in polling stations€ 4,37
I-Voting€ 2,32

(Source: How Much Does an e-Vote Cost? Cost Comparison per Vote in Multichannel Elections in Estonia by Robert Krimmer et al.)