Modernising Haiti’s civil registry: Solution

Working with Haitian authorities Smartmatic is delivering an Identity Management Solution that comprises:

  • Two Datacenters: one primary and one for contingency. The primary Datacenter hosts:
    • Centralized Identity Management Application:  Handles the end-to-end management and administration of the identification lifecycle process, including enrollment, renewal of expired cards, verification and confirmation of citizens.
    • Centralized database: Holds every citizen’s biographic and biometric information. Backed up in the contingency datacenter.
    • A web application for identification services and interactions with citizens. A link to the web application integrates into ONI's current website, and through it, Haiti's citizens can monitor and follow up the status of the identification transactions performed at ONI offices.
    • E-Learning platform: To help train personnel working for the project.
    • Real time communication between the Centralized database and registration units deployed in the field and foreign missions.
  • Printing center: Smartmatic is helping ONI modernize its current ID card printing center in order to increase the security and durability features of the new IDs.
  • National data warehouse: To help the government improve the services it provides to citizens by combining new biographic information with data it already holds and analyzing the results.
  • Warehouse and Support center: This warehouse is where all PARmobiles are prepared prior to dispatching them to the locations where enrollment occurs.
  • National Support center (NSC): The NSC allows authorities to monitor the deployment of the Identity Management solution and to attend any incident either with the enrollment process or the equipments.
  • Training of ONI’s personnel: Because this is a knowledge transfer project, Smartmatic is providing extensive training to ONI’s personnel to ensure the State of Haiti can make the best use of the modern platform installed.
  • PARmobiles: Smartmatic is supplying 700 registry units -the most advanced, portable and robust identity registration device on the market. We specifically designed PARmobile  to be a highly practical and flexible option for civil registration.
    PARmobile gathers biographic and biometric information and performs identity verification functions in any location. It also allows you to capture all 10 fingerprints and meets all the relevant international standards.
  • PARclient enrolment software. This is the application that enables people registration and authentication, via biographic and biometric information. It provides a flexible, intuitive interface that minimises registration times.