A few words from our Chairman - Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

During a long international career, I saw at first hand the urgent need to make the dialogue between citizens and governments more dynamic and smooth. Solutions to development challenges such as poverty, environmental sustainability, or political strife start with successfully empowering people through voting and participation.

As Chairman of Smartmatic, I have seen how incorporating modern technology into a nation's election processes helps enables this transformation. Our electoral solutions strengthen democracy by enabling elections in which citizens and governments can be confident in the fairness, accuracy and legitimacy of their outcomes.

Greater transparency, trust and turnout are some of most important benefits. Voting technologies help to ensure everyone can make their voices heard - from young voters and disabled people to those living in remote rural communities. Electronic voting is auditable, secure, and reliable meaning that voters and governments alike can be 100% confident in the results, and official results can be delivered in a matter of hours helping to build trust among voters.

In 2015, millions around the world benefited from our solutions and many more will benefit in the future. We do not rest on our laurels but are constantly innovating, investing millions in research and development centres across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our software engineers and scientists are out in the field designing products that work in every corner of the world.

Business, world leaders and the public are embracing the power of technology to transform services, lifestyles and living standards. Democracy must not be left behind.

I am proud of having leading role in a business that has such a profound social impact. Strengthening democracy and improving quality life across the entire nations are not easy tasks, but we must be ambitious and take on the challenge. The solutions that Smartmatic brings really do have the potential to change people's lives.